Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nothing but cold and ice

Haven't posted since we have been home.  Nothing to post.  It is cold here and we have had some sleet but not real bad.  Of course in this area we are not prepared for ice so it doesn't take much to shut the town down.  I haven't been out of the house since Friday and cabin fever is setting in.
I went to the store on Friday and all the crazies were out buying everything in the store like it would never be replenished.  There was no bread on the shelves and they were restocking eggs and milk as fast as they could.  Gee folks don't panic, you can always make cornbread or crack open a can of biscuits if you can't make them.
A neighbor gave us some ground elk meat and I made chili with it.  First time I have cooked or even eaten elk.  I really couldn't tell any difference between it and ground beef.  I have had deer chili and this was just as good if not better.  Yesterday I made homemade vegetable beef soup.  Now you see why I haven't posted.  My life is pretty boring right now.  I can hardly stand it so why would anyone want to read about it.  Even the dog is getting depressed from boredom.  He doesn't get out of bed til noon or later.  He stays under the cover hidden away. I feel the same way.  Maybe I should just stay in bed too.