Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and that the new year coming brings you riches of love, friendship and happiness.
As for my Christmas, I have to say it was the worst one I have ever had.  Neither of my children came home (which is understandable, we were just together at Thanksgiving and they both live so far away. Then Brian and Lori came home after Thanksgiving because her grandmother had died.) This left me with an empty house.  I didn't even put up a tree.  I knew that it wasn't going to be a fun holiday so we left on Monday and came up to Tunica.  The weather has been so cold and iffy that we didn't want to go too far.  It turned out it has been very cold here with temps in the 20's at night.
I thought being away would help but it didn't. Well maybe some. I would have been a mess at home I'm sure.  Anyway, that's life.  I understand it, I'm just not happy with it. LOL  It did make me happy to see that my kids were happy and doing what they really wanted to do. So I guess something good did come from this.
When we first got here we had an electrical problem.  We had no electricity at the front of the bus.  No TV!  this is serious.  After looking at and checking all plugs and switches at the front of the bus Doug called friend Jim and asked for help.   It turned out to be an outlet in the bathroom that had tripped.  How does something in the bathroom effect the front of the bus but not the kitchen or living room? hmm  oh well, easy fix.
We brought Buddy with us.  This is his first trip in the motorhome and he was doing so well until last night.  He ate up the screen door while we were gone.  Not good.  He loves being outside and this isn't his cup of tea.  I don't know but I hope that he will be a happy camper dog the more he goes with us.  We will see.  I didn't take any pictures.  It wasn't the best of times as it was, don't think I really need any pics to remind me.  LOL
We left him again today and he did fine so I hope that he is getting use to this.  Or giving up.
Friends, Jim and Libbie, are suppose to be here Sunday with their new dog.  Maybe this will Buddy something better to do than eat screen!
We are staying here through New Years Day.  I hope that things get better for us and for Buddy.