Monday, December 2, 2013

Lake Charles, La.

We left Houston this morning and headed for Lake Charles, La.  We are, of course at a casino tonight.
These sites are concrete pull thru's with electric only.  They are $20 a night and are first come, first served.  You park in a spot and go in and register.  They are nice for a one nighter.  There are just 8 sites here and I really don't think there is room for eight rigs.
That space between our rigs on the left is suppose to be wide enough for another rig.  I don't think so. We didn't put down the jacks or put out the slide for just this one night stay.  We did have to unhook the car because the sites aren't long enough to leave it hooked up.
Down side is we are right under a very busy bridge.  It doesn't look it, but this is a very tall bridge.
                                                    It's pretty long too!  This is half of it.
We got settled in and hooked up to their internet.  This is the fastest internet we have had this trip.  Heck this is the only really usable internet we have had this trip.  It seems everyone has been having problems with their service.
Here is Libbie relaxing before we go in to gamble. LOL  
We had a very good supper inside the casino.  $26.00 for the two of us.  We then went and lost all of our money on the slots.  LOL  Oh well.  Better luck next time.
We leave in the morning for our next stop.  They haven't told me where that is yet. I don't really care, I'm on the road and that makes me happy.