Thursday, December 5, 2013

Home in time for a cold snap

We made it home today around 1:30 or so.  Got the motorhome fueled back up and checked her mpg. We did fairly well averaging 10 mpg.  Not her best but we had worse on windy days.  Got everything unloaded and Doug will winterize her tomorrow.  It seems that we might have a winter mix of snow and ice headed our way.  If we get anything it will be ice. We just don't get the pretty stuff around here.  Ice storms are what we get and that means outages.  We live in an all electric house so that means its going to get cold in here.  Doug refilled the butane so that we would have the fireplace to heat the house if we loose the electricity.  I think we are ready if it comes.  Usually if the weatherman says its coming, it doesn't.  It's when he says that it will miss us, we need to worry.  One of our worst ice storms was a surprise.  We weren't suppose to get anything and we wound up with heavy ice and no electricity for two weeks.  The high today was 70.  It is in the 50's now and is suppose to be in the 30's this weekend.  Bummer.
I forgot to mention yesterday that as we were going thru the very small town in south Louisiana.  Since it's close to christmas they had a wooden santa in his sleigh.  The only difference is that this Santa was standing in a canoe and it was being pulled by 4 alligators!  LOL   Only in America!