Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Headed for Ruston, La.

We left this morning and headed toward Ruston, La.  This picture was taken while on that bridge in yesterdays post.

See the concrete pad there on the side of the Isle of Capri building.  That is where we were parked. See how small the area is?
 The police were busy today.  This was as we came off the bridge.  They were searching that vehicle.
                                              There is a lot of barge traffic on this waterway.
                                    This is just a picture of some of the Louisiana country side.
                                                            Just on the road again.
 We stopped around noon to rest and eat lunch.  We couldn't find a rest stop but did find a big open lot.  After stopping we noticed the very large "No Parking" signs.  So we didn't park we just paused for a minute or two.
 We are staying at Lincoln Parrish Park in Ruston, La.  This is a beautiful park. Sites have full hook ups and include wi-fi.  Cost for the sites are $25.00 a night.  What a find.
 This is our view from our site.  That is an empty site we could have gotten but took a pull thru.
 This is a beautiful park.  There is a sidewalk all around the lake for bikers or those that like a long walk.
                     There are benches placed around the lake for you to sit and enjoy the view.  This is such a nice park, I wish we had more time to stay here.  There is suppose to be some bad weather (ice) headed to our home and we need to get there before it hits and prepare.  We will need to winterize the motorhome and do some things at home to prepare in case we loose electricity.  We seldom get snow in our area and if there is winter weather it will be in the form of an ice storm.  My first inclinaton is to head for Florida but alas I must do the responsible thing.  Bummer.