Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Very Interesting travel day!

Everything started out as a normal travel day.  We stopped at the Flying J for fuel for us and the RV and then headed south on Hwy 79.  We weren't on the road very long and Jim started having trouble with his air bags or dryer (I don't know technical stuff.  He had just changed out the governor on it and thought that the problem had been solved but, alas, no he was still dropping like a stone in water.
After stopping twice on the side of the road, we finally came across a small rest stop.  We pulled in and the guys got on the ground and went to work.
Libbie stuck her head out to check and see how things were going.
This was an extra long day on the road between the stops because of the airbags (this last stop did fix the problem) and the long winding roads it was a wild day.  Our GPS and Jim's GPS were not in sync. Jim was leading, so small roads here we come.  LOL  Around 5:00 we finally made our destination, Salmon Lake RV Park in Grapeland, Tx.
 This is one of the first things I saw.  It seems that this elderly man loved old buildings and trucks.  He bought a bunch of them and made his own little town in his pasture.  He thought it was so good he added a campground so that people could come see it.
So here we are.
 It's hard to see but there is a folding chair in this tree.  I guess it's a deer stand! lol
Here are some of the old buildings.
Here we are in the middle of a field. Yes we do have full hook ups.  Hard to believe.  We may have to dig out the pads tomorrow when we lift the levelers up!
We head to Austin, Tx. tomorrow... Later...