Saturday, November 23, 2013

They can't all be rainbows and sunshine!

Today has just been one of those days you wish you had just stayed in bed with the covers over your head!  We woke up to another cold windy day.  After a little discussion we decided since the weather was so glum we might as well get on the road and get closer to Houston.  Jim searched for a campsite and found one in Rosenberg, Tx.  We headed out close to noon with only 67 miles to drive.  First problem we encountered was Jim's rig kept loosing air.

I don't know all the technical stuff but it wasn't good and he would have to pull over and fiddle with something and it would start working again.  Down the road we would go and oops it did it again.  I am not sure just how many times we had to stop.  Needless to say once was too many as far as Jim was concerned.

We finally made it to Shiloh Campground.  You can't pick a winner every time.  That is what I learned today.  Oh this place is rough!  Most of the sites are occupied by people living here and by the looks of the rigs, I think they have been here since this place opened maybe in the 50's.  LOL
We were so disappointed we unhooked the car and drove around looking at our options.  It just so happens that there is only 2 campgrounds in this area and they are both equal in beauty.  We are going to stay here tonight only.    The ground is so wet and muddy that when Jim put down the jacks they sank into the mud!  We didn't put out the slide or put down the jacks.  All we have done was plug in the electricity.  Oh dear, on a rating scale of 1-10, this place gets a 1.  I give it that because we have electricity for heat.  Otherwise Walmart parking lot would be sooo much better.

Doug went to their bathroom because he had to do something that would have added stink to the already terrible equation.  I guess he could have hooked up the sewer so that he could dump before we leave.  Well already too much information.  He just got back and told me he almost got thrown  by the commode.  It seems it wasn't fastened down and to make it worse it was covered in ants.  Oh lord, can it get any worse.
These pictures make it look so much better than it is.  LOL
We left the beauty of the gulf for this.  LOL
Later... tomorrow will be a better day~!