Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Alamo and Riverwalk

We spent an exciting day in downtown San Antonio yesterday.  We rode the city bus!  That was an experience.  It started with us getting off at the wrong stop!  The recording said the stop was for Alamo so we got off.  Well it was S. Alamo and about 6 blocks south of where we wanted to be.  What's a little extra walk.

After walking the Riverwalk we headed to The Alamo.  It is so much smaller than I thought it would   be.

It is very interesting to be where such a famous battle was fought.

 They even have a plaque where Davy Crockett was suppose to have died.

We tried to go to the Tower of the Americas but they had detour signs everywhere. And they all went nowhere.  lol  I bet we circled downtown for an hour trying to find a way to get to that tower and never did find one.  We could see it, just couldn't get to it.  Oh well..  We must have picked a bad week to travel to San Antonio.  I have never seen so many closed roads and detours.  Our poor GPS was confused from the time we got there til we left.  I am sure if it could, it would have asked us why we even bothered using a GPS if we weren't going to follow its directions.  It would say turn right and right would be closed.  Turn left and left would be closed... UGGGGGGHHHHH!  No wonder we never could find a way to the tower!  Maybe next trip.