Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We left out of Salmon Lake Park this morning around 10:00
 As we were leaving I snapped this pictures of some more of the old buildings.

It's like stepping back in time.
 Remember the deer stand tree on yesterday's post?   This is the other side of it. I didn't even notice this yesterday. LOL
 Around noon we decided to find a spot to pull over and fix some lunch.  Here we are in the middle of nowhere. If you look close you can see between our RV and Jim's is a 15 wheeler that decided we had a good idea and stopped for his lunch too.

 It was while we were parked here that we called our planned stop for the night to verify a site and found out that oops, there wasn't any room at the inn!!!  It seems that Austin, Tx is having a Formula One race this weekend and there isn't any campground openings in all of Austin! Bummer!!! We turned on the hot spot and started looking for someplace else to go.  We still wanted to be close to Austin so that we could drive into town but we didn't know just how close we could find something.   It turns out that we found two sites at the Pecan Park Campground in San Marcos.  She said that they had recently flooded (on Halloween, no less) and the campground had 4 foot of water in it! They had been working to get the park opened back up but that it was a mess.  We said we would be there as soon as we could.  We set the GPS and headed for San Marcos.  We were in the lead today and even though I updated the GPS before we left, we were not without incident.  We have yet to travel on an interstate and I think we have traveled more FM roads than I care to admit, but we have seen some beautiful and strange sites.  We missed one turn and made a fast U-ey! Then the GPS made a quick change on us which required us to make a tight right turn barely missing some construction signs.  The next thing I know we are on a toll road.  That's ok but none of the toll booths were open.  The signs said some kind of tag and pay by mail.  I will ask son Mike what we are to do.  Maybe they send us a bill from our car tags.  Or maybe they hunt us down and put us in jail!  I guess I better make some calls and find out..
 Here is our site at Pecan Park.  This park was probably very pretty before the flood.  They are working very hard to get everything cleaned up.

 This gazebo is directly across from our site.  Notice that the flood waters moved it completely off its foundation.  The brown looking trees in the distance were uprooted by the water! There is about a 20' drop in elevation there also.  Its hard to believe that the water came up that 20' plus another 4'!  I will try to take some more pictures tomorrow.  It was a longgggg driving day and we didn't get settled in until after 5:00.  That is too long of a travel day.  We will stay put for a couple of days and take some day trips.