Sunday, November 17, 2013

San Antonio!

We are staying at World Travelers RV Campground.  This campground is hidden behind the large office building.  You would never know it was here.  It is beautiful, clean and very quiet.  There are a lot of snowbirds wintering here.  I can see why they would choose this place.  The sites are a very level gravel.  They rake them between each use.  It is very packed so that it doesn't pit or dig out when you walk or drive on it.
 After settling in, I actually cooked!  I made some spaghetti and garlic bread.  MMMMMmm.
                                    Since I am behind in my posts, now let's catch up for today.

We got up and decided to go to the Traders Village since there was a race being held in downtown San Antonio.  Well I don't know how long this race was but every road we tried to take was blocked for the race!  It was a case of, "you can't get there from here"!  We weren't but about 9 miles from the Village but we spent 45 min. trying to find an open road to where we needed to go.  When we finally did, we were 15 miles from our destination.
When we finally got there this was one of the first things that I saw.  This man was playing this harp like a guitar!  It was beautiful!  This was about all we saw that we liked here.  Was very disappointed.
Very big place, but it was time to move on.

After going back to the Rv to rest for a couple of hours, we headed for San José Mission.  This mission was built in 1720.

They still have mass inside it today.

The outside walls around the mission have rooms in them.
The glow that is you see is light shining from outside.  These were holes in the walls for rifles. Bang you never saw me.

Beautiful but hot day.  We are going downtown to Riverwalk tomorrow.