Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Port Aransas

We left out early this morning heading for Pioneer RV Park in Port Aransas.  Lucky us they were having a special.  Stay for two nights and get the third one free!  Three nights it is!

We arrived around 1:30.  This is a very nice park sitting on the gulf.

Libbie and I walked the pier to take a look at the beach.  We both love the beach and could spend all our time there.

Walking the pier we came across this sign in the concrete.  Hmm  "Wait here".  Wait here for who?  Wait for what?  Why?  So many questions, no answers.  I will ask at the office tomorrow.

The wind was blowing hard as can be seen by the heavy surf.  It was rolling so fast I couldn't tell anything about the water.  Is it clear? Hopefully the wind will die down and we can tell more about it tomorrow.

We drove around looking for a place to eat some good seafood and of course had to stop at Walmart.  While in Walmart Libbie asked a local where to find some good food and she recommended, Blackbeard Too in Englestien or someplace like that.  It was 5 or 6 miles down the road so we headed out looking for it.  Of course we missed it the first time but we finally found it.  We had looked on Urbanspoon to check it out and Urbanspoon had it a 74% rating.  We didn't know whether to try it or not but decided it was just another adventure and to go for it.  We were glad we did.  The food was great and the service was good too.  The reviews had said the service was very bad.  Not so for us.  Maybe they were in a bad mood when they arrived.  Who knows, but I would definitely return to this place.  They even had live music.  I recommend the shrimp.  They offered blackened, fried and grilled as a special tonight.  Doug and I ordered the grilled, Libbie the blackened and Jim the fried.  All three were very good.  Sorry no pictures of the food, we were too hungry!

I almost forgot to mention that we had to cross on a ferry to get to our destination tonight.  I have only been on a ferry one other time.  I had seen a lot of signs giving rules for the ferry when we were coming into town.  I was hoping that we weren't going to have to cross the ferry in the motor home.  We didn't.  It was much more enjoyable in the car.  It was dark so sorry no pictures.  Maybe we can get some before we leave.