Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time to catch up

We left Ruston, La. and headed towards Lake Village, AR.  No reason, just a longer way home.
We decided to stay at the Chicot County Campground.  Cost per night with tax was 15.60.  This was with senior discount.  Half of the park was closed because of electrical problems but the other half was fine.  We did loose power at 2:00 one morning for about an hour, but other than that no problems.  The office people were very nice and did everything to make your stay enjoyable.  In fact, they went over the top to help one couple.  The second day were were there a couple came in with their motorhome and no toad.  The lady in the office volunteered her personal car so that they could run into town for some groceries! She laughed and said she had just loaned her car to strangers with only a receipt for their campground stay in hand.  Her husband laughed and said, hey their new motorhome is here. Fair trade I would say.  LOL
Small office, but all you need I guess.

Everyone said there is great fishing in this lake.  We did see one man with a bucket full of catfish!  There were several people living at this campground also.  Some even had built decks!  Cheap living I guess.
We went into Greenville, MS. to eat a steak at the famous Doe's Steak house.  The steak was very good.  They have no menus.  They serve steak with french fries and house salad, hot tomales and shrimp.  That's it.  You walk in the kitchen with it's unlevel floors, go into another room that also has a kitchen in it that does only the salads and fresh french fries.  There are tables in this kitchen and in other rooms.  This house was built in the 1930's.  Does's has been in business since the 40's.  A lot of famous people have eaten at this place.  If your in Greenville, Ms.  stop by and have a bite.  It is a little pricey.  We ordered one porterhouse steak (I think it was 2 lbs) for both of us.  All steaks come with hand cut french fries. (these were great) and your salad is $5.00 extra.  They only have a house dressing that is already on the salad.  It is olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper.  Not my favorite but good.  We shared one entree, fries and salad and the bill was $73.00.  Yes that was for one! But it was enough food for the two of us.  Neither one of us left hungry.  It's an experience, what can I say.
There are a lot of cotton fields around the lake and it was harvest time.
                                           It looks like a field of snow from a distance.
                                                    Cotton Bolls ready for the picking!
                                                              Oops, this one didn't open!
Not a great picture, but those are some of the huge cotton bales ready to go to the gin.  These are the older rectangle ones.  The newer ones are round like the hay bales.  You can't really tell how big they are.  These were quite a distance away and the quality of the picture isn't so good.   These long bales are about the size of a trailer on a tractor/trailer rig.
This is the fairly new bridge crossing the Mississippi River.  Greenville on the Ms. side and Lake Village on the AR. side.
We even cooked our own steaks one night at the campground.  Yes we do like steak!
We loaded up and headed home today.   Next time maybe we will stay long enough to fish!