Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's your story?

Today everyone is reflecting on what they were doing and where they were.  I was at home cleaning house.  (Don't like to do this very often so of course I remember where and what I doing. )  I didn't even have the tv on.  My husband called and asked me if I had the news on.  Then my mom called and then my aunt.  No on could believe that this was happening.  I remember thinking that it was an accident and that the plane was out of control.  This had to be an accident. Things like this don't happen in the USA.  Then the second plane hit and realization sunk in that this was intentional!  This horrible day will never be forgotten and it shouldn't be.  I am afraid that it won't be the last either.  Now our president wants to help the very people that did this to us.  He should be ashamed!
 I am so proud of the  bikers that are engulfing Washington DC today.  I love my country but I am very disappointed in our leaders.  I don't write about political opinions so I guess I better step off down off my soapbox and shut up.
I pray for peace to the families of those that lost their lives that horrible day.  God bless the USA again.

Has it been that long????

Oh dear, I didn't realize that it had been this long since I posted.  We have traveled some but just short trips to places we have already been.  I didn't think to post reruns.  We did the same things, at the same places.  I guess I could have said well, we are back in Memphis, see post dated .....
We are now doing the same things we did last time we were here so just read post dated.....
You get the idea.
 We have also been working around the house trying to get things fixed so that we can put it up for sale.  It seems like as soon as we finish one project, we see another that needs to be done.  I think its a never ending process!  We are still waiting on our traveling buddies to finish their house so that we can hit the road again.  They are down to picking out the carpet and hardwood.  Oh and the grass seed.  Huh.... that's what I said when she said that they had to find the right grass seed.  I thought you just grabbed the biggest bag and started slinging.  Not so, she says.  They need grass that will cover all the dirt around the house to keep it from eroding, withstand the cooler temps thats coming, and do it fast!  I still say just grab the first bag you see.  Grass is grass.  Isn't it?
They hope to be finished and move in by mid October.  Sooner the better.  I am ready to roll!
I am writing this post at 4:00 in the morning.  It seems that lately I just can't sleep.  This is a nightly thing.  I get tired but when I lay down my brain kicks in high gear and won't shut down.  I toss and turn for an hour or two and then get up and find something to do in the house.  I hate to have to take something to sleep but this is getting serious.  I get maybe one or two nights of sleep a week.  These are still never 8 hours.  If I sleep at all it is usually 3-5 hours.  Then there are the nights that I never sleep.  I lay down for an hour and just get up and stay up all night and the following day.  Anyone have any suggestions?
Well I have something different to do tonight.  I just saw a tiny mouse run across the floor!  Sorry mouse but you and me can't live in the same house together.  I guess I better go get a mouse trap!
Later.... hopefully not too much later.... LOL