Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vicksburg, Ms.

We moved on to Vicksburg yesterday.  The only thing I didn't like about where we stayed in Natchez was their wifi.  It was almost useless.  I was using our hotspot most of the time.  Then I ran out of that.  I have 6GB  who would have thought that I would use all that.  My plan recharges (lol) on the 4th so I only have a few days that I am dependent on the campgrounds wifi.  We are staying at Ameristar Campround/Casino.  They have great wifi so that shouldn't be a problem here.
There is free shuttle service to and from the casino and their restaurants.  We used it last night to go to their Bourbon Steakhouse.  The food was good and the atmosphere very quiet. (Casinos tend to be noisy. Lol)

I need to back up to Natchez for a minute.  I forgot to tell you about the Natchez Trace.  We only drove about 15 miles of it.  It is a very pretty drive.  There are no commercial vehicles on this road so there is little traffic.  Make sure you have gas because there is NO commercial anything on this road.  It goes all the way to Nashville if you are so inclined. There are historical markers along the way for you to stop and see.

 On one of them there was also a small cemetery.   There was a large number of children from one family buried there.

These were so sad.  It was a set of twins.  They were 11 years old.  I wonder if they died of yellow fever.  It seems that was the case with a lot of people of that time.  Agnes was the first to die.  (Jan.) Notice the two doves on top of her headstone.  They died in 1862, could it have been war related?

This is her sister, Sarah's headstone she died 11 months later (Dec.).  Notice the doves on top of the headstone.  Here they are both dead. Symbolism???  There were several other children even younger that were buried there.  A very hard time to live in, for all.

This is the actual trail going out into the woods that they traveled.