Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last day in Vicksburg.

Part II  Military Park

We drove through the Vicksburg National Military Park and saw the U.S.Cairo.  This driving tour is 16 miles long.

There are plenty of plaques that explain all the battles in each area.

Each state that had soldiers in the war has put up monuments in honor of those that fought and died.  This is the memorial for Arkansas soldiers.  One of the largest and prettiest was from Illinois.  When the government told each state they could build these monuments,  the northern states built big beautiful ones right away.  Because of the loss of economy in the south, most were small or not built for many many years.

This is the Union ironclad gunboat Cairo.  It was sunk in the Yazoo River in 1862.

 Over 100 years later it was brought up and put back together like a mammoth jigsaw puzzle.
This was well worth the $8 per car for entrance into the park.  Give yourself a couple of hours (or more) to see everything there.

Tomorrow we head toward home.  It's been a month and it seems like we left yesterday.  I am still not ready to go home.  We have had a real good time and seen and done a lot of things.   It' was a "good thing".  LOL