Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home again

Betsy is back in her "stall"

House is the same, just needs some attention!

The apple tree has apple for now.  A squirrel was running off with one when I took this picture!
This grew while we were gone. Don't know what it is?

We are home again and most of the unpacking has been done.  I still have to empty the refrigerator.  It's good to be home but I like my bed in the motorhome so much better.  I woke up this morning with aching hips, back and shoulder.  I need a new mattress or to just sleep in the motorhome all the time. (hmm not a bad idea)

I worked on my balance sheet to see how much we spent on this trip.  We were gone 4 weeks.  We used  124.482 gal of diesel, traveled 1906.7 miles.  Our total cost for RV campgrounds for the month was $818.66.  I didn't keep up with food cost because we would eat no matter where we were. (of course)  LOL

I hope everyone had a safe, happy 4th celebration.  Went to my sisters house to eat burgers and watch the fireworks.
They had some great big beautiful ones.  My camera wasn't very good at capturing them.
One of the small ones!

Everyone watching!

My daughter-in-law and granddaughter will fly into town on Monday and I am very excited about that. They will be here for a week and then we go back to Amarillo with them for a week.  We are going to keep Ashlynn while Lori goes to a writers convention in Atlanta.