Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Home again... for a little while

We had a nice time in Amarillo last week.  We took my sister to see Cadillac Ranch.

Everyone writes their names on these buried cars.  It's very colorful.  I am told every once in a while the owners spray them solid again and it starts over.  There is no telling how many layers of paint are on these vehicles!

We also went out to Palo Duro Canyon and saw the play "Texas".  It was very good and I recommend that if you are in the area you check this out.  The canyon is beautiful and to have a play there among its beauty is something everyone should experience.

The stage before the play started.  They don't allow pictures during the show. they used those canyon walls for backdrops for the lasers and holographs.
 We were one of the first to sit down.  Believe me every seat was filled. My only complaint was I wish they had more comfortable seats.

These were some of the horses used in the play.  They graciously let Ashlynn get on one of the horses. She was sure she was a cowgirl that day!

Now that we are home it's time to start planning our next trip.  We have a few things to tend to first.  We need to get our passports and fix a leak in the generator.  Don't know if it is oil or diesel.  Will have to check it out.