Thursday, June 27, 2013

Touring Natchez!

 First thing this morning we headed to "old downtown" and took a carriage ride.  We wanted to do this early before it got too hot.  Well early for us is 9:00 and the temperture was 84 degrees!  This is Mack and our horse drawn carriage.  Our tour guide took us around to see all of the homes and different buildings of interest.  He had lots of information on everything.
The doors on the left side of this building are the home of William Johnson.  He was a freed slave that did very well as a barber, doctor, tradesman and pimp.  It seems when the men got off the the boats they came to Mr. Johnson for a haircut, shave, bath and be de-liced and then wanted a woman for the evening.  LOL  Mr. Johnson left dairies of everyday life.  Even though he was a freed slave.  Mr. Johnson himself owned several slaves.
This is the oldest court house in Mississippi.  It is still being used today.
 This is the "Guest House" hotel.
 This home was built in 1859. It is 3 times as deep as it is wide! Huge Home!
 A row of houses that are privately owned. It seemed like every other house was being repainted.  There is a lot of maintenance on these old homes.
 I love the curved porch on this old Victorian home.  Did you know they painted the ceilings on the porches a light blue so that dirt daubers and wasp won't build nests.  They think it is the sky!
 This is our horse wrangler/tour guide.  He did an excellent job.

Since this is such a long post, I will write a Part II.  It will be about this house. The Rosalie!