Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moved on down the road

We left Monroe, La. yesterday and headed south.  Marksville, La. was our destination.  There is a casino/Rv Resort there called Paragon.  This is an Indian casino.  It is very nice and very large.  They have over 200 rv sites.  There is a cinema here along with several restaurants.  There are even alligators inside the casino.  They have a large "indoor cement pond" with fish and gators!
I sat down at one of the slots and put $1 in and won $100!  Not a bad return.  Then the guys came in and we ate at their buffet.  It was very good with some of the best prime rib I have ever had.  The crab legs were good also.  After eating, Doug wanted to try his luck at the slots.  He wanted to know where the one I had played and won was.  We found it, which wasn't an easy task in itself.  Well this machine was HOT now.   He put $20 in and I think spun one time and hit Win 15 spins.  He sat at that slot for about an hour and very seldom had to do anything because he kept hitting free respins.  By the time he finished he had won $450 in that hour!  Really not a bad return!!  $550 won total, we can fill the tank on the RV now!  LOL
Today we cooked some hot dogs out on the grill for lunch and are now headed out to see what there is to see.  Will add more later..