Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just a relaxing kind of day!

Today we just chilled around the campground.  It seems that everyone around decided to move in yesterday evening.  The park that was just about 1/3 full when we got here is almost full.  I think everyone wanted to camp out for Fathers Day weekend.  Checkout time here is noon, so the place should thin out considerably.  If it does, Libbie and I are going to head to the pool in the morning to swim and catch some rays.  She says I'm still too white for the beach!
We decided where our next stop was going to be.  We leave Monday and head for Gulfport, Ms.  We are going to Gulf Haven Campground.  Never been there before so I hope it's a good one.  It looks like it's right across the road from the gulf. We made reservations for 3 days.  If it's nice we may stay longer.
Doug and Jim tried fishing again today.  Jim caught one red ear brim.  Since one brim wouldn't feed them much less them and us, back it went to swim another day.
We made our trip into town to go to Target and Sam's so we are good for alittle while longer in the food department.  We don't want to buy too much food, then we would have to cook all the time and that just doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.