Saturday, June 8, 2013

From Duck Dynasty to the First Bottlers of Coca Cola!

A busy day today.  We of course started with the "Duck Dynasty".
If you haven't watched Duck Dynasty, you need to experience it at least once.  These beard wearing, duck hunting men are not to be missed.  They are a hoot!  Doug is standing by Si's Vietnam era miltary vehicle.  There is definitely only one person like Si!

Jim and Doug shopping and posing with Willie, CEO of Duck Commander.  Of course it was just a cardboard Willie.
 A little "duck dynasty" humor!
 Happy, Happy, Happy!
 These are their "good" calls.  There were some really pretty ones.  These were around $65.
After buying our t-shirts and coozies we were ready to leave.
When we left there we headed for the Biedenharn Museum and home.  It seems that Mr. Biedenharn was the first person to bottle Coca Cola outside of Atlanta.
 Of Course, the way the  GPS told us to go, was CLOSED!  Kind of hard to cross this bridge.

One of the original delivery trucks.
Now that is a small engine!
 I must say we learned a lot about bottling Coke and how it was marketed.
If you will, look at the red bottles on the left.  These are the new "aluminum" cans.  Did you know that the round cans out there have a different metal on the lid, bottom and tab? These new red "bottles" are all aluminum. Yes, they are smaller.  They are 6.5 oz.  Yes, they will probably cost the same as the 12 oz. cans.  That seems to be the way of things.

After leaving the museum, we toured the home of the Biedenharns'.  This was the glassed in porch that was added when their daughter moved home from Europe before WWII.  They wouldn't let me take pictures inside the house.  Though the house was nice the gardens were beautiful.  Their daughter was a well known (in Europe) opera singer.  When her parents asked her to move home because they feared for her safety.  She came home.  When she did, she found a nice home with a yard of chickens and pigs. She wanted to add the beauty of the gardens she had in Europe.  I believe that she succeeded.
It seems that gardens were her passion.

 She decided that the gardens needed a statue.  She went looking for one and brought back five.  

The other four and on each corner.  You can see the top of one on the left.  The other three and hid in the lush greenery of the gardens.  This truly was well worth the $6 it cost for the tours of the museum, the home, and the gardens.  There was also a Bible museum.  If you get a chance you should visit these places, they were enjoyable.  We finished off the day by eating BBQ at BBQ West.  Delicious!
Tomorrow we head south.  Where are we going? I guess we will know when we get there.  LOL