Monday, June 24, 2013

Cypress Hill RV Park in Brooklyn, MS.

We arrived at the rv park around 1:30.  thankfully the rain had moved on and we had a nice day for driving.  It stormed all night last night so this was definitely a good thing.
We got pull through sites so we didn't have to unhook the cars.  There is a pond directly in front of us. They said it was loaded with fish.  I saw a bunch of minnows and other small fish.  Doug and Jim saw a great big catfish.  They didn't catch anything though.  Doug got his bait caught on a log or something and broke his rod.  Later Jim got his bait caught up on the same thing but he was able to get his bait loose.

We cooked hamburgers outside on the grill for supper. Yummmm  We had lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and sliced avocado to dress our burger out.  Very good.
This is a small RV park with what looks like several full-timers.  The people here are very nice.  The sites are gravel and not very level.  It cost $26 for one night.  Right after we finished supper we discovered that we had no water.  It seems that some workers out by the highway had broken a water line.  They had conveniently, already left.  The managers made some phone calls, but as of 11:00 pm we are still using water in our tank.  This park doesn't have wifi so I am using our "hotspot". This place would do for an overnight stay (which is what we are doing) but I wouldn't want to stay any longer than one night.
Tomorrow we drive around 85 miles to a State Park.