Saturday, June 15, 2013

A trip to Houmas House

Today Libbie and I went to see the sugar plantation known as Houmas House.  It was named after the Indians that were settled in that area.

Like most plantation homes, this one too was lined with huge Live Oak trees.  A few were said to be 500 and 600 years old.  The gardens around this home were magnificent.

The home is privately owned and the owner still lives in it.  Nice that he let us into his house to look around.

 This Live Oak is over 500 years old.

 Ceiling and chandelier in the dogtrot of the house.  All rooms opened to this hallway.

This clock was originally owned by Marie Antoinette.  Napoleon gave it to his brother and his brother gave it to Mr. Burnside, owner of Houmas.

This map was found under the floor incased in cypress.  This map is of all the plantations of the area.  It shows owners, number of slaves, and acreage in sugar cane.  It is believed that it was hidden from the yankees during the Civil War.  It would have given the union soldiers information about the wealth and ownership of all the plantations.  There were only 4 of these maps made.  Two are in museums, this one and the 4th has not been found.
Our guide

 This is a beautiful baby cradle covered in mosquito netting, a child's walker made of all wood and a wooden horse covered in deer skin.

This home was used in the filming of Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte.  The movie started out with Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.  But they hated each other so much.   During filming there was a fight scene.  The director hollered cut but the two actresses didn't stop fighting.  They had to be separated.  Joan quit the movie that day and Olivia DeHavilland replaced her.  Bette Davis stayed in this room while filming.  She gave the owner of the plantation a candleabra and an autographed picture of herself.  Nice.  LOL

This part of the house was originally a trading post built in 1775.  It is built with cypress timbers.
A view outside of the two blended buildings.  

I know its a lot of pictures but I have many more.  It is hard to show the beauty this place has.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  Cost for the tour is $20 for adult ticket.
 When we got back to the RV's Jim cooked us up a mighty good steak and Libbie made rest. MMmmm
After a good meal, what else should a guy do???? Yep fishing... sorry no fish yet