Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Night out with Family and Friends!

I believe that we spent the majority of today being lost on the streets of Natchez!  We ended the day the same way!  We were to meet our daughter-in-laws parents for supper tonight at Roux 61.  It's simple, just down Hwy. 61S.  Well the GPS sent us to old downtown Natchez. Wrong!  Went to Urban spoon to look for the restaurant and it sent us to the same spot downtown, just took us a different way.  Finally we found Hwy. 61S and called for reinforcements.  We found it the same time that they arrived.
 John and Shiela ( Kaitlyn's mom and dad)

 Cindy and Jeff (friends but more like family)

Jim and Libbie (friends like family)
We were a rowdy bunch!

 This is their version of fried green tomatoes.  It has a crawfish and crab sauce poured over it.  I must say it was delicious!
This was the real surprise of the night.  This is Crab and Alligator sausage cheesecake! I think it had the same sauce poured over it.  These were appetizers.  This was good too but I had a hard time eating it because my head didn't want to wrap around the idea of eating "gator"!

We laughed and enjoyed each others company.  Doug gave the poor waiter a hard time. It seems that that young man could hold his own with Doug.  This wasn't his first rodeo!
We said our goodbyes and headed back to the RV park. Yep,  we went the wrong direction.  We were headed towards Vicksburg!    After another round of "who's on first", we finally found the right road, going the right direction and made it back to the RV's!  Tomorrow if we can find them, Libbie and I are going to see some old homes!