Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

I want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.  It's a beautiful day here.  It's in the low 70's with not a cloud in the sky.  Best of all, low humidity!  Humidity is a bummer down here in the south.  We will have to be elsewhere this summer when the high temps and high humidity hits.  Not looking forward to that.  The older I get the harder heat is on me.  Another one of those nasty aging things.
When we got home from our last trip, we had a list of things to do in the motorhome.
1. Change out the water filter under the sink.

 This is the old one.  It is suppose to be all black at the top.  
 The new one installed

We wound up changing the whole system out.  The one that was there was original to the MH and was leaking.  I think it was just the filter getting loose but it looked so bad we replaced it.  It wasn't a hard job, it was just inconvenient.  Of course it was in a hard to reach area, with little room to work.  I think the designers of these motorhomes look for ways to make it hard for the layman to do repairs.

2.  The bracket on the closet sliding door had come off.  It looks as if it is just wedged onto the frame.  There are no screws holding it at all.  Hummm   I wedged it back into place but we are putting some glue on it to help hold it in place. (Sorry the picture is so bad.  I used an old mirror I found in the drawer to take the picture since the bracket is on the back side.  Didn't notice how dirty the mirror was till I looked at the picture.  LOL)

3.  Adjust the outside mirrors.
  It came to our attention (while trying to get through the toll booth) that one mirror sticks out a lot more than the other.  We moved that one in a little so that it doesn't stick out so far, but he can still see well. Notice how far this mirror sticks out?
See how close this mirror is?  We didn't move the other one in that much but enough that we should fit in toll booths better.  LOL
We have a couple more things to get done but this is all for now.  If tomorrow is as nice as today maybe we can get old Betsy washed!
Happy Mothers Day!!!