Thursday, May 23, 2013

Been busy, busy, busy

I have been pretty busy with appointments,  cleaning the RV, doing some upgrades in it too, and finally getting around to applying for our passport.
First off, Doug had a flare up on his eye.  I don't know if I ever mentioned it but Doug had a cornea transplant a few years back and every once in a while he has a flair up of infection.  So far he has not had a problem with rejection but that is always a possibility.
Here is his eye on the screen.  It doesn't show up very well but you can see the redness.
When they pushed some button and the screen turned all blue you could see the infection.  It is that T shaped green spot on the lower left side.  They put him on some high potent steriods and we went back the next week and it was all gone.
Next we have been working on some changes in the motorhome.  I have always hated the lamps in the bedroom.  I found some that I liked at camping world and Doug installed them for me.

This was the hated ones!  
Here are the replacements.  I love them!  Notice that the new ones are brushed nickel.   That of course made me have to do something about all the other hardware in the bedroom.

 Oops its brass!
 I got a can of spray paint and starting painting.  
Now it all looks great!  I love my new lights!
We also hung our new sound bar under the TV.  I didn't get a picture before Doug took it down.  I will get one later and post it.  Now all we need to do is give the old girl a bath and she will be ready for our next trip.  We will leave Tuesday for a short trip with some friends that are building a new house.  They need to go look at appliances.  Any excuse for a trip is good for me.