Monday, April 22, 2013

Short trip back to Houston

We got up late this morning and started getting ready to leave.  I was inside working and Doug was outside.  I kept thinking, wow it's taking him a long time to get things done out there.  Then I looked out the window and he was over at the neighbors site chatting away.  Of course I had to join him.  We have met some really nice people on this trip to the lake. It's a shame that the most time we had free to just sit and talk was on the day we were scheduled to leave.  They were headed home today too but didn't have far to travel.  We got on the road around noon and it was an uneventful ride back to Traders Village in Houston.  We did pass a couple of bike riders that were riding for "stop hunger".  They had someone following them in a truck. I really wouldn't want to ride on those freeways.  They are too busy for me.   One thing about Texas, they are always working on the roads here.
This is some of the new work on 290 that will tie into I-10 making another loop around Houston.  Anything to miss downtown Houston, I am completely for!
The post I had yesterday with the pictures of the black and white cows, a friend messaged me and told me that they have alot of those in PA.  They were Belted Galloways.  So my description of them as black cows with a white belt on was very accurate.
Time to do some laundry.

We had Indian Pizza for supper tonight.  Can't remember what the names were but they were very good.  They had lots of herbs and spices and one had a whole lot of heat to it.  The crust was extremely thin and wonderful.  It looked almost like it was a wheat crust.  Very good.