Friday, April 19, 2013

Packed up and off to Lake Somerville, TX

We had another rainy start to the day.  Of course the rain started in earnest when we were ready to hook up the car.  By the time we got to the lake the rain had thankfully stopped.  But the rain had left us with cold weather.
After getting set up we decided to take a ride around the area and take a look.  I didn't get pics of the campground (I will tomorrow).  This is a nice campground though.  It is a corp of Engineers park so we got to use our Golden Age card.  For four nights it only cost us $57.  We have water and electric at the site but no sewer.  I am spoiled to that so I will have to watch my grey water tank.  I have a tendency to take long showers.  LOL
We decided to take a ride around the area.  We rode into the big town of Burton.  Population 300.  We found out that they are having a Cotton Gill Festival this weekend.  We may have to check that out.
We came across a cafe and decided to eat supper there.
We were pleasantly surprised when we went inside.  It seems that the owner of this little cafe was a master confectionist or something like that, in Germany.
His daughter was a culinary graduate of the New York Culinary Institute.  What they were doing in this town of 300, I don't know but was sure glad.  There was alot of German memorabilia throughout the cafe.  There were words on the specials menu that I didn't know what was.  I guess I should have asked. LOL

I didn't take any pictures of our food.  I guess you can tell what I was most interested in.  We did try some of the coconut pie and it was delicious.  You never know what you will find it a small town.

Did I mention that we had to go through  this to get to Burton.  This may be why it's still a small town.  The clearance for this was 9'10".  Don't go in an RV!