Monday, April 29, 2013

On our way home

We got up to a beautiful morning, hooked up and rolled out around 10:30.  We decided to go home a different way than we came in.  That ride downtown was enough to make me want to head any direction but back on I-10!   We chose to go on Hwy 290 which was about 1.5 miles down the road and take Beltway 8, the Sam Houston Tollway.  Boy I wish we had come in this way.  I don't think I will have the GPS avoid all tolls from now on.  We shaved about an hour off the trip going this way too.  Staying at Trader Village this is definitely the way to come or go.  We stayed on the beltway until we got to Hwy 59N.  The hardest part of this route was getting through the toll booths.  They sure are narrow.  Doug said he needed to move the arm of the mirror on the passenger side in alittle.  It is pushed out farther than it needs to be and causes problems at toll booths it seems.  We made it through without taking out the booth or anything else.
We stopped for the night at the same RV park we stopped at going down.  Southern Living RV Park.  It's convenient on/off I-20, close to Flying J, where we refueled and $22.50 a night.  Their wi-fi is terrible though.  Way too slow so I turned on our hotspot.
Our neighbor at Traders Village left yesterday.  She had been their all week but we never saw anyone.  As we were leaving to go to Mike's house I saw her outside hooking up the car.  I asked her if she needed any help because she was having trouble getting the pin pushed through.  She said no she was fine.  I tell you this because this woman has been on my heart and mind.  We didn't talk long but my heart went out to her.  You see, she said this was her first trip without her husband.  He had passed away about a year and half ago.  She had brought the motorhome to Houston hoping to sell it.  She hadn't.  She was going to put it back in storage and try again somewhere else.  She thought she might go out to California.  I didn't ask where she was from (she had Florida tags) but she just left an impression on my heart.  I hope that she has a safe trip home and that she sells her motorhome soon.  It looked like a very well kept Monaco.  A very brave woman to travel in that big motorhome by herself.  Much braver than myself.  I know women do it all the time, I follow several blogs of women that do.  I am just amazed every time I see/meet one of the courageous women.
You go Girls!!!!