Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Got everything done on my list today

Today was a dreary kind of day.  We had misting rain all day.  This made for a slow start but we didn't have alot that we wanted to accomplish so it all worked out.
First on our list was changing out those gas props that hold up the bin doors and and the ones on the bed.
 We only had one bin outside that had bad props.
The bed was alittle harder because it is so heavy.  Notice the heavy stick holding the bed up while Doug  changed them.  These were rated for 150 lbs ( the heaviest they had) I really think we could have used the 200 lb ones.  The mattress we have on our bed is a queen size that is made for house not RV's and it is really heavy.
These were done in a snap.  Then we got ready for supper.
Our son and daughter in law took us out tonight as part of our Christmas present.  We went to Da Marco Cucina E Vino.  When he told us he was taking us to an Italian restaurant I immediately thought, spaghetti, lasagna.  All of your American Italian dishes.  This was not that kind of place.  All of the wait staff were of Italian decent. All did speak English as a second language.  We had a four course meal.  Just reading the menu and deciding what to try was difficult but exciting.  We all decided to try something we had never had before.
The appetizers we chose were:
 Mike had the Sardines with watermelon and arugula.  If you like sardines, this was good.  I don't. LOL
 I had the Prosciutto with fig crust-ini and arugula salad with a honey dressing.  This was very good.
 Doug had the Grilled shrimp scampi with salad.  Yum
Kaitlyn was the most adventurous of us all.  She had the grilled Octopus! I can't believe I am going to say this, but it was wonderful.  It wasn't dry or rubbery like I thought it would be.  I didn't even mind eating the tentacles.  This was really good.  Everyone liked this.
Second course was:
 Mike had fresh made spaghetti with clams.
 Kaitlyn and I had risotto with black truffles.  This was delicious!
Doug had the Lobster with creamed corn stuffed ravioli.  This was a big hit too.
Third course:
 Mike had the braised short ribs.  These were fall apart tender and excellent.
 I had the Fluke Milanese with steamed green beans.  I had never heard of fluke fish but it was wonderful.
 Kaitlyn had the Antelope bone in chop with vegetables.  This was good but not my favorite.
Doug had the Bronzino fish with vegetables.  This was also wonderful.
We had a nice red Italian wine, Selvapiana Bucerchiale.
Last course was desert.  I didn't get pictures of those.  They were all delicious.  We were all stuffed.  It was a wonderful meal and a great experience.  Thanks Mike and Kaitlyn!