Monday, April 15, 2013

Catch up time

We have had a busy couple of days. We spent the Saturday over at Mike's house piddling around, talking and even taking time to wash our car and his new truck.
Kaitlyn even cleaned under the hood of her car.
That is one BIG truck.  I almost need a step ladder to get in it.
This is Buster.  He is one of our strays we rescued.  Mike and Kaitlyn decided to take him in a few years back.  He had a rough start in life but he does real good now. He's getting alittle grey around the nose and eyes.  He was watching us to make sure we did a good job.
Remember the huge fifth wheel I showed you yesterday?  Well her is the other side of it.  This unit has 8 slides.  Doug stepped it off today and it is approx. 65 ft long!  I would love to see inside of it.
It showed this website on the back of the unit.  It appears that custom designs are made and information can be found at  
Today we decided to go over to the "village" flea market.  This place is huge.  Cars were steadily coming in all morning long.
 They had everthing here.  You could buy fresh fruit, puppies, clothes, tools.  Just about everything you can think of they had there.
Even though there were lots and lots of people, the place was so large it wasn't too crowded.
How do you like the iron works.  I loved this Sénor Ironman.
And his buddy Pedro.
You could even buy glasses and contacts
There were fresh herbs and other plants.
A custom made "low rider" bicycle.
I don't remember what they called these pans but they were for frying food. The wide lip is used to put food that is already done on so that it stays hot and the grease drains back into the fryer.
There was so much to see that we didn't even scratch the surface of this place before our feet wore out.
We left there and went to a place called "Freddies" for a hamburger and fries.  They were very good. Not up to Blue Sky in Amarillo, but still very good.
Long day, but it was fun.