Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another day in Paradise.

We had another beautiful day here at the lake.  The best part of today was that it wasn't windy.
I did get a couple of pictures of two of the jet boats that were here this weekend.  I sure hated that I didn't catch them in the water.  Mike said some of the boats had put in on the other side of the peninsula.  Just my luck to miss them.  It's a shame the boaters couldn't have stayed one more day.

There really were some beautiful boats here.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the yellow and red one.
By 1:00 this place was all but deserted.  Then around 3:00 a new group moved in.   No boats this time.

Here are some cows we saw on a nearby farm.  I don't know what breed this is but I have never seen cows colored like this.  They all had black heads, shoulders, and butts with white in the middle!  There was a field full of them so it was not a set of triplets.  LOL
Tomorrow we head back to Houston.