Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new porch light and a new date of departure

The day started out read productive.  We got the new porch light installed on the motorhome.  This new one is so much brighter.  That little orange thing that was up there didn't supply any light at all.  No problems get it changed out, but Doug did fall off the ladder once.  Luckily he wasn't too far from the ground and caught himself.
Notice how little the porch light was.  The amber color lens didn't help either.
This one is clear, with 2 bulbs and reflector screen. It's real bright!

 After checking to make sure everything worked fine, Doug got it all caulked up with silicone.
Next on our list of things to do was to change out the rollers on the slideout.  It seems that ours have come apart.

This is what they are suppose to look like.  

This is what ours looked like.

We definitely needed a new one.  The orange plastic had hardened and everytime we ran the slide in or out some would break off.  It was harding finding the right ones too.  We finally got them from the factory (monaco) and they even sent the wrong ones the first time.  They were very nice about it and even paid the shipping to return the incorrect part.
This was a bugger to adjust though.  The part went on easy enough it was getting the roller level with the same amount of weight on both ends that was hard.  We had it on one side and the orange plastic started walking off the edge.  Not a good thing.  This silly thing cost $125 we sure didn't want to ruin it.  Doug moved the weight to the other end and walked it back.  LOL  Then he had to adjust it level so that it quit moving.  We think its level now.  We ran the slide in and out about fifty times to make sure and it looks like it's going to be fine.  We left the cover off of the roller so that we can keep an eye on it for awhile.
We had to delay leaving for another day or two.  It seems that I have a very bad kidney infection and will have to retest to see if its improving before we leave.  There were also signs that I might have a kidney stone so we want to make sure thats not so before leaving.  I finish my meds tonight and will retest in the morning.  We should leave shortly after that.  They are calling for bad weather tomorrow so we will have to watch that also.  Plans set in mud!  It's a good thing we are retired now.