Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day trip to Lake Jackson

Today we took a day trip to Lake Jackson to see cousins Bill and Camie.  We were suppose to meet them at their home at 3:00.  We left alittle early since we had never been there and we knew that we would have to cross Houston.  We did get a little lost. Or should I say that we adjusted our route a few times but we not only managed to find Lake Jackson, but we were early arriving.  First let me say that they have a lovely, inviting home.  You feel instantly "at home".
 When I saw this wall of beautiful cabinets, I thought of Karen and Steve and their wall of cabinets. Bill and Camie travel a lot and their home reflects not only the joys of their many travels but of their love of family and friends.
 I was immediately drawn to this Warren artwork.  I called him "book man" but he has a much classier name.  Of course I can't remember it.  LOL
 This is Happy Harry.  He was born in Branson, Mo.  He was carved from a single log.  Notice the "Fonz" on the necklace.  He was commissioned in 1976 and completed in 1977. Everyone has to have their picture made with him.

 This, I was told, was a bottle brush bush.  The flowers did look just like bottle brushes except for the beautiful red color.  I must find out if these will grown at home.

After a wonderful visit, we headed back to the RV.  I tried to get a shot of downtown Houston at night but my little camera wouldn't take one.  This was the best I could get.  It sure is pretty at night.