Friday, April 19, 2013

A beautiful but cool day

We had a great day today.  The park started filling up around noon today.  We found out that there will be a jet boat gathering here at the park on Saturday.  They are expecting about 50 jet boats.  That might be interesting to watch.  These boats are rated to go over 100 mph.  Way to fast for this girl!
Mike and Kaitlyn arrived around 2:00.  I forgot how much stuff you carry when you tent camp.  I must say they have it well organized.
They got everything unloaded and the tent set up in no time.

 They are a lot easier to set up now than when we first starting camping.  lol
 After getting everything set up we sat outside and enjoyed the scenery.  Then Mike cooked us up some hamburgers, grilled onions and mushrooms.  Kaitlyn finished off supper with a "dump cake" cooked in her dutch oven over the hot coals.
Sorry I didn't get a pic of the dessert tonight either.  I seem to be making a habit of that.  The low tonight is suppose to be 40.  We will see if they stay in the tent all night.