Monday, April 29, 2013

On our way home

We got up to a beautiful morning, hooked up and rolled out around 10:30.  We decided to go home a different way than we came in.  That ride downtown was enough to make me want to head any direction but back on I-10!   We chose to go on Hwy 290 which was about 1.5 miles down the road and take Beltway 8, the Sam Houston Tollway.  Boy I wish we had come in this way.  I don't think I will have the GPS avoid all tolls from now on.  We shaved about an hour off the trip going this way too.  Staying at Trader Village this is definitely the way to come or go.  We stayed on the beltway until we got to Hwy 59N.  The hardest part of this route was getting through the toll booths.  They sure are narrow.  Doug said he needed to move the arm of the mirror on the passenger side in alittle.  It is pushed out farther than it needs to be and causes problems at toll booths it seems.  We made it through without taking out the booth or anything else.
We stopped for the night at the same RV park we stopped at going down.  Southern Living RV Park.  It's convenient on/off I-20, close to Flying J, where we refueled and $22.50 a night.  Their wi-fi is terrible though.  Way too slow so I turned on our hotspot.
Our neighbor at Traders Village left yesterday.  She had been their all week but we never saw anyone.  As we were leaving to go to Mike's house I saw her outside hooking up the car.  I asked her if she needed any help because she was having trouble getting the pin pushed through.  She said no she was fine.  I tell you this because this woman has been on my heart and mind.  We didn't talk long but my heart went out to her.  You see, she said this was her first trip without her husband.  He had passed away about a year and half ago.  She had brought the motorhome to Houston hoping to sell it.  She hadn't.  She was going to put it back in storage and try again somewhere else.  She thought she might go out to California.  I didn't ask where she was from (she had Florida tags) but she just left an impression on my heart.  I hope that she has a safe trip home and that she sells her motorhome soon.  It looked like a very well kept Monaco.  A very brave woman to travel in that big motorhome by herself.  Much braver than myself.  I know women do it all the time, I follow several blogs of women that do.  I am just amazed every time I see/meet one of the courageous women.
You go Girls!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's been raining all day today

We spent the night at Mike and Kaitlyn's house last night and had a movie night.  Today Mike had decided to smoke a pork loin and a beef brisket.  Early this morning it started raining.  No worries, the weatherman said it would all be gone by 4:00.  Well its after 8:30 and it's still raining.  At one point we were beginning to wonder if the water would flood the house.  Lots and lots of rain in a very short time.    It did slow his smoker down and that delayed supper but when it did get done it sure was good.  Since it rained all day this was another lazy, watch movies, kind of day.  We are headed back to the motorhome to see how it faired today.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catching up on housework and out to eat... of course

 Just another picture from the bottle brush bush.   
We took a walk around the  RV Park today.    And then did some laundry and cleaning. We did come across some people that wash and wax your RV.  They were washing a Fifth wheel.  Gave us a price of $100 to wash the Endeavor and $325 to wash and wax it.  Not a bad price at all.  We have their phone number and may call them to wash it.  That's a lot of money to wash and wax.  Not that I think it's not a good deal.  I do.  I just think of what else I could do with that money.   

 We came across this set up.  We never did figure out how to get the boat down.  I didn't see any ramps or wench or any other way for the boat to come down.  Hmmmm.

 Early this evening we met Mike and Kaitlyn at their workplace.  Dow Chemical.  We left there and went out to eat at Rudi Lechners.  It's a German restaurant.  When we got there the first thing I saw was this Lamborghini outside.  NICE!

This was a nice little place and we had some very good food.   Sorry I didn't get pictures of the food but I did get a couple inside.
 This couple were playing and singing German songs.  They did a very good job.  They even had some people out there doing the "chicken dance"  LOL  No I wasn't one of them.  But I did think about it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day trip to Lake Jackson

Today we took a day trip to Lake Jackson to see cousins Bill and Camie.  We were suppose to meet them at their home at 3:00.  We left alittle early since we had never been there and we knew that we would have to cross Houston.  We did get a little lost. Or should I say that we adjusted our route a few times but we not only managed to find Lake Jackson, but we were early arriving.  First let me say that they have a lovely, inviting home.  You feel instantly "at home".
 When I saw this wall of beautiful cabinets, I thought of Karen and Steve and their wall of cabinets. Bill and Camie travel a lot and their home reflects not only the joys of their many travels but of their love of family and friends.
 I was immediately drawn to this Warren artwork.  I called him "book man" but he has a much classier name.  Of course I can't remember it.  LOL
 This is Happy Harry.  He was born in Branson, Mo.  He was carved from a single log.  Notice the "Fonz" on the necklace.  He was commissioned in 1976 and completed in 1977. Everyone has to have their picture made with him.

 This, I was told, was a bottle brush bush.  The flowers did look just like bottle brushes except for the beautiful red color.  I must find out if these will grown at home.

After a wonderful visit, we headed back to the RV.  I tried to get a shot of downtown Houston at night but my little camera wouldn't take one.  This was the best I could get.  It sure is pretty at night.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Short trip back to Houston

We got up late this morning and started getting ready to leave.  I was inside working and Doug was outside.  I kept thinking, wow it's taking him a long time to get things done out there.  Then I looked out the window and he was over at the neighbors site chatting away.  Of course I had to join him.  We have met some really nice people on this trip to the lake. It's a shame that the most time we had free to just sit and talk was on the day we were scheduled to leave.  They were headed home today too but didn't have far to travel.  We got on the road around noon and it was an uneventful ride back to Traders Village in Houston.  We did pass a couple of bike riders that were riding for "stop hunger".  They had someone following them in a truck. I really wouldn't want to ride on those freeways.  They are too busy for me.   One thing about Texas, they are always working on the roads here.
This is some of the new work on 290 that will tie into I-10 making another loop around Houston.  Anything to miss downtown Houston, I am completely for!
The post I had yesterday with the pictures of the black and white cows, a friend messaged me and told me that they have alot of those in PA.  They were Belted Galloways.  So my description of them as black cows with a white belt on was very accurate.
Time to do some laundry.

We had Indian Pizza for supper tonight.  Can't remember what the names were but they were very good.  They had lots of herbs and spices and one had a whole lot of heat to it.  The crust was extremely thin and wonderful.  It looked almost like it was a wheat crust.  Very good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another day in Paradise.

We had another beautiful day here at the lake.  The best part of today was that it wasn't windy.
I did get a couple of pictures of two of the jet boats that were here this weekend.  I sure hated that I didn't catch them in the water.  Mike said some of the boats had put in on the other side of the peninsula.  Just my luck to miss them.  It's a shame the boaters couldn't have stayed one more day.

There really were some beautiful boats here.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the yellow and red one.
By 1:00 this place was all but deserted.  Then around 3:00 a new group moved in.   No boats this time.

Here are some cows we saw on a nearby farm.  I don't know what breed this is but I have never seen cows colored like this.  They all had black heads, shoulders, and butts with white in the middle!  There was a field full of them so it was not a set of triplets.  LOL
Tomorrow we head back to Houston.

Too busy having fun to take pictures

We got up early enough to watch the sun rise over the lake this morning.  My camera didn't take a good picture so I am not going to post one.  After eating breakfast, we all went into Burton so that we take Mike and Kaitlyn there to see this nice little town and enjoy lunch at the cafe.  The Cotton Gin Festival was still going strong.  There was a fun run finishing up that we had to avoid then we ate lunch.  There were several activities going on but we just looked around and then left. Kaitlyn and Mike wanted to go fishing.  It was really to windy today to do any fishing but Mike took her anyway.  Needless to say they didn't catch any fish.  Guess we won't be having fish for supper.
The speed boats didn't do anything today.  I guess the wind made it unsafe. I will watch and see if they can put them in the water.
We finished the evening off by building a fire and sitting around it trying to stay warm.  This cold front has really put a hurt on spring.
We wound up sitting around the fire for then entire night.  We even roasted hot dogs over the flame.
sorry about not having any pics.  I will try and get some tomorrow, but for now I am sleepy.  Off to bed I go.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A beautiful but cool day

We had a great day today.  The park started filling up around noon today.  We found out that there will be a jet boat gathering here at the park on Saturday.  They are expecting about 50 jet boats.  That might be interesting to watch.  These boats are rated to go over 100 mph.  Way to fast for this girl!
Mike and Kaitlyn arrived around 2:00.  I forgot how much stuff you carry when you tent camp.  I must say they have it well organized.
They got everything unloaded and the tent set up in no time.

 They are a lot easier to set up now than when we first starting camping.  lol
 After getting everything set up we sat outside and enjoyed the scenery.  Then Mike cooked us up some hamburgers, grilled onions and mushrooms.  Kaitlyn finished off supper with a "dump cake" cooked in her dutch oven over the hot coals.
Sorry I didn't get a pic of the dessert tonight either.  I seem to be making a habit of that.  The low tonight is suppose to be 40.  We will see if they stay in the tent all night.

Packed up and off to Lake Somerville, TX

We had another rainy start to the day.  Of course the rain started in earnest when we were ready to hook up the car.  By the time we got to the lake the rain had thankfully stopped.  But the rain had left us with cold weather.
After getting set up we decided to take a ride around the area and take a look.  I didn't get pics of the campground (I will tomorrow).  This is a nice campground though.  It is a corp of Engineers park so we got to use our Golden Age card.  For four nights it only cost us $57.  We have water and electric at the site but no sewer.  I am spoiled to that so I will have to watch my grey water tank.  I have a tendency to take long showers.  LOL
We decided to take a ride around the area.  We rode into the big town of Burton.  Population 300.  We found out that they are having a Cotton Gill Festival this weekend.  We may have to check that out.
We came across a cafe and decided to eat supper there.
We were pleasantly surprised when we went inside.  It seems that the owner of this little cafe was a master confectionist or something like that, in Germany.
His daughter was a culinary graduate of the New York Culinary Institute.  What they were doing in this town of 300, I don't know but was sure glad.  There was alot of German memorabilia throughout the cafe.  There were words on the specials menu that I didn't know what was.  I guess I should have asked. LOL

I didn't take any pictures of our food.  I guess you can tell what I was most interested in.  We did try some of the coconut pie and it was delicious.  You never know what you will find it a small town.

Did I mention that we had to go through  this to get to Burton.  This may be why it's still a small town.  The clearance for this was 9'10".  Don't go in an RV!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Got everything done on my list today

Today was a dreary kind of day.  We had misting rain all day.  This made for a slow start but we didn't have alot that we wanted to accomplish so it all worked out.
First on our list was changing out those gas props that hold up the bin doors and and the ones on the bed.
 We only had one bin outside that had bad props.
The bed was alittle harder because it is so heavy.  Notice the heavy stick holding the bed up while Doug  changed them.  These were rated for 150 lbs ( the heaviest they had) I really think we could have used the 200 lb ones.  The mattress we have on our bed is a queen size that is made for house not RV's and it is really heavy.
These were done in a snap.  Then we got ready for supper.
Our son and daughter in law took us out tonight as part of our Christmas present.  We went to Da Marco Cucina E Vino.  When he told us he was taking us to an Italian restaurant I immediately thought, spaghetti, lasagna.  All of your American Italian dishes.  This was not that kind of place.  All of the wait staff were of Italian decent. All did speak English as a second language.  We had a four course meal.  Just reading the menu and deciding what to try was difficult but exciting.  We all decided to try something we had never had before.
The appetizers we chose were:
 Mike had the Sardines with watermelon and arugula.  If you like sardines, this was good.  I don't. LOL
 I had the Prosciutto with fig crust-ini and arugula salad with a honey dressing.  This was very good.
 Doug had the Grilled shrimp scampi with salad.  Yum
Kaitlyn was the most adventurous of us all.  She had the grilled Octopus! I can't believe I am going to say this, but it was wonderful.  It wasn't dry or rubbery like I thought it would be.  I didn't even mind eating the tentacles.  This was really good.  Everyone liked this.
Second course was:
 Mike had fresh made spaghetti with clams.
 Kaitlyn and I had risotto with black truffles.  This was delicious!
Doug had the Lobster with creamed corn stuffed ravioli.  This was a big hit too.
Third course:
 Mike had the braised short ribs.  These were fall apart tender and excellent.
 I had the Fluke Milanese with steamed green beans.  I had never heard of fluke fish but it was wonderful.
 Kaitlyn had the Antelope bone in chop with vegetables.  This was good but not my favorite.
Doug had the Bronzino fish with vegetables.  This was also wonderful.
We had a nice red Italian wine, Selvapiana Bucerchiale.
Last course was desert.  I didn't get pictures of those.  They were all delicious.  We were all stuffed.  It was a wonderful meal and a great experience.  Thanks Mike and Kaitlyn!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wow its a Camping World Supercenter!

We took a trip to Camping World RV Supercenter of Houston.  It's about as big as its name is long.
We had a list and for once we stuck to it.

There was lots to look at but I kept my eyes on my list and didn't stray.  Good girl!
We needed light bulbs and new gas props for one of the outdoor compartments and for the bed.  Our bed is so heavy it's almost impossible for me to lift it.  The props that are on it are not rated for the weight that this bed has and might as well not be on there.  These new ones are rated for 150 lbs.  I hope this works.  Guess I know what we will be doing tomorrow.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Catch up time

We have had a busy couple of days. We spent the Saturday over at Mike's house piddling around, talking and even taking time to wash our car and his new truck.
Kaitlyn even cleaned under the hood of her car.
That is one BIG truck.  I almost need a step ladder to get in it.
This is Buster.  He is one of our strays we rescued.  Mike and Kaitlyn decided to take him in a few years back.  He had a rough start in life but he does real good now. He's getting alittle grey around the nose and eyes.  He was watching us to make sure we did a good job.
Remember the huge fifth wheel I showed you yesterday?  Well her is the other side of it.  This unit has 8 slides.  Doug stepped it off today and it is approx. 65 ft long!  I would love to see inside of it.
It showed this website on the back of the unit.  It appears that custom designs are made and information can be found at  
Today we decided to go over to the "village" flea market.  This place is huge.  Cars were steadily coming in all morning long.
 They had everthing here.  You could buy fresh fruit, puppies, clothes, tools.  Just about everything you can think of they had there.
Even though there were lots and lots of people, the place was so large it wasn't too crowded.
How do you like the iron works.  I loved this Sénor Ironman.
And his buddy Pedro.
You could even buy glasses and contacts
There were fresh herbs and other plants.
A custom made "low rider" bicycle.
I don't remember what they called these pans but they were for frying food. The wide lip is used to put food that is already done on so that it stays hot and the grease drains back into the fryer.
There was so much to see that we didn't even scratch the surface of this place before our feet wore out.
We left there and went to a place called "Freddies" for a hamburger and fries.  They were very good. Not up to Blue Sky in Amarillo, but still very good.
Long day, but it was fun.