Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wind Wind and more Wind

Amarillo has to be the windiest city in the USA.  It is common to have 20-35 mph winds daily and days like today are just, well WINDY!  They were calling for gusts in the 40 mph range and they surely hit that.  Everything we tried to do outside was a complete wash out, or wind out. LOL Our poor motorhome has rock and rolled all day.  Tonight the gusts got so bad we finally brought the slide in.  I was worried that all that noise I kept hearing from the slide flapping in the breeze was it tearing and we just had that repaired.  It's a lot quieter now. Just a swaying motion.  Since the wind was so bad I didn't take any pictures today. sorry
Ashlynn made a list of things to do today.
1.  fish
2. put together her trampoline
3. swim
We went out to fish and the wind was so bad and the water so rough you couldn't tell if you had a nibble or not.  It was way too cold to be outside holding a fishing pole.  So that lasted about 10 min.  We came in and she said, lets do the next thing on my list.  At almost that very moment, Doug got a weather alert about the wind, and what did they say to watch out for.... blowing items like chairs, tables and trampolines! So we decided this wouldn't be a good day to put her trampoline together.  Next on her list was to swim.  I asked her dad to bring her swim suit to the RV park and by the time he did that it was time for supper.  I told her we would eat first and then swim.  By the time we got back to the RV it was so cold even she decided it would be better to wait till tomorrow.   Looks like we will start her list again tomorrow.  let's hope for a better (calmer) day.
We did eat at a great mexican restaurant tonight.  The Plaza.  Name sounds more like a hotel but the food was excellent.  Would give it a 10/10.  Service was excellent also.  If your in Amarillo you should give it a try.  Yesterday we had a great burger at Blue Sky.  It's just a burger joint but they have the best burgers and onion rings.  They also have fried pepper fries.  I cant remember the kind of pepper it was. They were green (but not bell) and cut in long strips, battered and fried.  It wasn't a hot pepper. Very good.
Will hopefully get some pics tomorrow. I think I will let the wind rock me to sleep. LOL