Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We are in Amarillo!

Another long day.  We traveled 280 miles today.  We can't make a habit of this.  It was another windy day.  Doug said his arms were sore from fighting the wind all day.  We left the Grand Casino around noon.  We were in no rush to go through Oklahoma City.  That place has to have to worst roads in all of the U.S.  They have been working on alot of I-40 but the west side of Okla. City will beat you to death.
We didn't pull into Fort Amarillo RV Park til around 6 this evening.  There are still piles of snow from their blizzard last week.  After getting set up we went over to Brian and Lori's to see Ashlynn for alittle while.  It seems she has a Music program tomorrow at school.  I can't wait to see her perform!
Doug did figure the mileage when he filled up and was surprised with all the head wind we still got 11 mpg.  Diesel was $3.93.
Will get some pics tomorrow.