Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time to catch up

Its been a busy few days here for me.
We went looking for the Cadillac Ranch and found this RV park that had buried a motorhome.  LOL It turned cold that day and no one wanted to stay outside long enough to get pics of the cadillacs down the road.

 Son, Brian and I left Amarillo Tuesday afternoon headed for Dallas.  It was a long day.  This is some flat country around here!  They also have the shortest trees I've ever seen.  I don't know it they are mesquite or not.
Amongst the flat country we came across these.  It looks like the fields have just been plowed and they had been growing cotton.  The white you see on the ground is leftover cotton.
We got to Da
 I wish I knew why this pointed hill existed.  It was almost cone shaped.
We got to Dallas and found the hospital that we were looking for.  It was very pretty for a hospital.
These were blown glass bowls that were hung on the wall.  Picture does not do them justice.  They were very pretty.  I couldn't figure how they hung them on the wall.

 Brian came through his surgery just great.  He was up and walking by 2:00 that afternoon.
He talked to his wife via facetime.  We head back to Amarillo tomorrow.  I hate driving in Dallas so....
hope to see you later.  LOL