Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stopped for the Night

We drove around 330 miles miles today. That's way over our usual day. Since we had such a short one yesterday, it caused a longer one today.  We are stopped at the Fire Lake Grand Casino Campground.  T'hey let you park free! They even have water and electricity.  I say that is a deal.  When I did a search for close campgrounds as soon as I saw free, I quit looking. LOL  You can stay up to 3 nights free, I will have to keep this place in mind.

There is a stairway down to a brick walkway that follows a stream  Its very nice.  I am standing on the walkway looking up at Doug.
This is the view of part of the walkway.  All this for free.  LOL

We are waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the casino so that we can register our site. Free pick up and delivery.  This just gets better and better.
When we first pulled in we thought the Matthews had beat us here!  It looks more like their bus from the side than the front.  But alas they are pouring a slab today.  Maybe next time.
Got to remember this place.  Free is always good.