Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still sick but feeling better

Not a lot going on here today, I still feel pretty rough.  Since we spent most of the day in the MH I decided to catch up on my laundry.  Around 5:30 we had a thunderstorm blow through.  It blew through so fast that it was gone before we got the warning on our phones.  It was mostly wind and dust.  It rained just a few drops. whish! it was gone!
We went to eat at the Plaza tonight.  This is a mexican food restaurant that is wonderful. I had the Plaza Especial.  It was a taco, guacamole enchilada, chili renno that was stuffed with cheese and fried crispy, a cheese enchilada, rice and beans.  No, I could not eat it all.  I didn't have room for my taco, beans and half of my rice, chili renno, and enchiladas.  It sure was good though.