Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ready set go!

Ok, I have loaded the motorhome with food, drink, clothes and of course shoes!  We only have to hook up the car and we are ready to roll.  The car is loaded with some things we are taking to the boys and Ashlynn. I hope there is room for us if we need the car while on the road. LOL  My sister came by today and brought us some of her home made brownies.  She makes the BEST!  These are our "traveling brownies".  She has brought these before when we were traveling.  I think this is a very nice trend that I hope continues.  Doug said that we needed to make sure that we call her when we were heading home so that she could makes us some "coming home" brownies.
Our plan is to just go to Russellville tomorrow so that we can see Doug's brother. Don't know how long we will stay, Doug keeps reminding me that we aren't on a schedule anymore.
Sorry I didn't take any pictures today.  Just too busy loading.  I will try to add some tomorrow.
I am so excited!  It's great to be "on the road again!!!!!