Monday, March 4, 2013

First stop Russellville

We overslept this morning.  I can't imagine why.  We both were wound up last night and stayed up way to late.  I jumped up got ready and drove to the DMV to get the tags for Brian's truck.  It is the first of the month and the place was packed.  I talked to the assessor about our assessment because the truck wasn't showing to be assessed.  I knew that I had done all the assessing in January when I got the   tags for the HHR.  For some reason it wasn't showing that I had assessed at all.  It freaked the assessor out because now she has to worry if there is a glitch in the system somewhere.  I did accomplish something since I got that straightened out, but I didn't wait in the long line for the tags.  They aren't due till March 31st so I did it online.  I didn't want to waste that much time.  After leaving the DMV, I went to Pointers Automotive to pay the bill for our service on the motorhome.  Two Batteries, oil change, new fuel filters, dryer assembly, install in-line surge protector, two new belts and dash switch came to a total of $1042.00.  WOW glad this isn't stuff that has to be done every time you travel.

We arrived in Russellville around 3:00.  We are camped at Ivy's Cove RV Campground.  Rates are $30-35 a night.  They do give a Good Sam 10% discount.  They have wifi, cable, laundry and showers.  There is a nice playground for kids.  Each site has a picnic table and they sites are pull-throughs.

We gave his brother and a call and had a great visit with him, his wife and son.  We all went to eat at CJ's Butcher Burger.  they were great hand made burgers made with fresh ground meat they grind themselves, hand cut fries and delicious malts.  The burgers were great I would definitely go back.  Cost for a combo (burger, fries and drink) for $8.50 each.  I didn't take the camera so no pics.

We are back at the motorhome resting up for tomorrow.
Our neighbors and their cockers.  I have never seen one colored like the one on the left.  I guess its a parti color ??? It was sure hard to get a pic of him.  He wouldn't be still.  LOL

another of him  These pictures do not do him justice!

Miles traveled today-120