Monday, March 25, 2013

Change of Plans on our way home

Son is doing great after his surgery but his mother in law passed away on saturday.  Because of this we are headed back home.  Son and daughter in law left today also.  Since they are in the car they are driving the 10 hr drive straight through and will be at our house tonight.    Her mother was from our home town but had been with them for about 4 months.  She was diagnosed with cancer and went to live with son and DIL so they could take care of her.  My heart hurts for her and my granddaughter.
RIP Judy, we will miss you.

We have made it as far as Salisaw, Ok.  We are camped at a KOA for the night.  The wind has been terrible all day long.  We have been blown all over the highway.  It was nice to finally get parked and still for a change.  We had pizza delivered to the motorhome so that we wouldn't have to unhook the car.  (We are in a pull through site)

While enjoying our supper, Doug's phone beeps.  Its the weather alert.  It seems that it is snowing all around us.  We are in for some snow tonight.  What happened to spring!  Did the groundhog think this would be a funny joke!  At home they have had enough rain that some family members are talking about building an ark!  Snow, rain and wind, we seem to be getting it all.  Hoping for better weather tomorrow.