Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another day

  I think the wind rocked me to sleep last night.  It wasn't near so windy today thank goodness.
Still windy  though.  Ashlynn and I went swimming in the indoor heated pool. I think I finally dragged her out after about 3 hours.  The warm water did feel good but that walk to the MH was a cold one.  We did at least bring  dry clothes so that we could shower and change before having to brave the cold.  I wrapped our hair up in a towel so that it didn't  freeze. LOL

After  that we went to Brian and Lori's to spend the evening and have supper.  Lori cooked chicken spaghetti and I must say it was wonderful
I have asked for her recipe it is definitely a keeper.
They are still getting moved into their new house.  It was our first time to get to see it.  I sure do like it and Lori has done a great job of decorating it.
Brian was doing what he does best.   Standing around and smiling. LOL
This is Chewie their newest family member.  As you can tell from Brian's t-shirt they are star wars fans and Chewie was named after Chewbacca.  I think that is how you spell  it.
Well Ashlynn has already fallen asleep and I guess I better hit the sack too.  That girl is wearing me out.