Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's so quiet.

Way too quiet.  The kids left for home this morning.  I miss them already.  I just texted them and they are home now. It is a 10 hour drive.  I am glad that they are home safe and sound.
I have been washing most of the day. (glad I don't have to watch the tank levels)  I guess I will spend the next few days getting the house clean and us ready to hit the road again.  Doug has a dentist appt on thursday so I know that we won't leave before then.  I  hope that we will be on the road by Monday week.  This will give me a chance to get everything done at the house and the motorhome cleaned and loaded again.  There are some people that I want to see while we are in town also.

It sure was nice to have
them home for a little while, I just wish it had been under better circumstances.

Ashlynn did get to ride Doc before she left.  She said she really liked to "drive" Doc.  She does do well for the few times she has ridden.  Maybe there will be her own horse in her future. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Change of Plans on our way home

Son is doing great after his surgery but his mother in law passed away on saturday.  Because of this we are headed back home.  Son and daughter in law left today also.  Since they are in the car they are driving the 10 hr drive straight through and will be at our house tonight.    Her mother was from our home town but had been with them for about 4 months.  She was diagnosed with cancer and went to live with son and DIL so they could take care of her.  My heart hurts for her and my granddaughter.
RIP Judy, we will miss you.

We have made it as far as Salisaw, Ok.  We are camped at a KOA for the night.  The wind has been terrible all day long.  We have been blown all over the highway.  It was nice to finally get parked and still for a change.  We had pizza delivered to the motorhome so that we wouldn't have to unhook the car.  (We are in a pull through site)

While enjoying our supper, Doug's phone beeps.  Its the weather alert.  It seems that it is snowing all around us.  We are in for some snow tonight.  What happened to spring!  Did the groundhog think this would be a funny joke!  At home they have had enough rain that some family members are talking about building an ark!  Snow, rain and wind, we seem to be getting it all.  Hoping for better weather tomorrow.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time to catch up

Its been a busy few days here for me.
We went looking for the Cadillac Ranch and found this RV park that had buried a motorhome.  LOL It turned cold that day and no one wanted to stay outside long enough to get pics of the cadillacs down the road.

 Son, Brian and I left Amarillo Tuesday afternoon headed for Dallas.  It was a long day.  This is some flat country around here!  They also have the shortest trees I've ever seen.  I don't know it they are mesquite or not.
Amongst the flat country we came across these.  It looks like the fields have just been plowed and they had been growing cotton.  The white you see on the ground is leftover cotton.
We got to Da
 I wish I knew why this pointed hill existed.  It was almost cone shaped.
We got to Dallas and found the hospital that we were looking for.  It was very pretty for a hospital.
These were blown glass bowls that were hung on the wall.  Picture does not do them justice.  They were very pretty.  I couldn't figure how they hung them on the wall.

 Brian came through his surgery just great.  He was up and walking by 2:00 that afternoon.
He talked to his wife via facetime.  We head back to Amarillo tomorrow.  I hate driving in Dallas so....
hope to see you later.  LOL

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still sick but feeling better

Not a lot going on here today, I still feel pretty rough.  Since we spent most of the day in the MH I decided to catch up on my laundry.  Around 5:30 we had a thunderstorm blow through.  It blew through so fast that it was gone before we got the warning on our phones.  It was mostly wind and dust.  It rained just a few drops. whish! it was gone!
We went to eat at the Plaza tonight.  This is a mexican food restaurant that is wonderful. I had the Plaza Especial.  It was a taco, guacamole enchilada, chili renno that was stuffed with cheese and fried crispy, a cheese enchilada, rice and beans.  No, I could not eat it all.  I didn't have room for my taco, beans and half of my rice, chili renno, and enchiladas.  It sure was good though.


Friday, March 15, 2013

I have a head cold!

Gee I wonder why?  Could I have caught this cold from my son or granddaughter, both had one when we arrived?  Could I have caught it from swimming everyday in a heated pool and then walking back to the motorhome in the cold?  Was I just lucky?  It's almost 2 in the morning and I can't sleep because when I lay down I can't breathe.  Of course when I sit up I can't breathe either.  I tried some dayquil today without a lot of relief so I guess tomorrow I will head to the store and see what else I can find.
Since I didn't feel to well today and Doug's shoulder was hurting him all day we had a do nothing day again today.  Hopefully we both will feel better tomorrow.  We are thinking of heading out to the Cadillac Ranch or whatever its called.
I guess I will go blow my nose and try to get some rest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just swimming and playing

Not much going on here.  We swim everyday (indoor heated pool) and play.  Have really enjoyed the granddaughter this week.  We went to Chili's for lunch and I didn't know they had a new menu with pizza.  Lori ordered the taco pizza and it looked great.  She said it tasted great too!

She bought Ashlynn a movie that she is wanting to see and I have spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to get it to play.  We have this problem everytime we swap from satellite, cable to whatever.  I just hope I can figure it out and then get it back the way it was.  LOL

Had some bad news from home.  One of Dougs best friends daughter was killed in a car wreck yesterday and his mother died today.  So so sad.  It makes you really think.  No one  is promised a tomorrow.
You never know.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Woke up to the smell of sausage cooking!

Boy did it smell good.  Doug fixed eggs, sausage and biscuits this morning and they sure were good. Especially since I didn't have to cook it!
After doing some wash I think we will go do alittle shopping.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another day

  I think the wind rocked me to sleep last night.  It wasn't near so windy today thank goodness.
Still windy  though.  Ashlynn and I went swimming in the indoor heated pool. I think I finally dragged her out after about 3 hours.  The warm water did feel good but that walk to the MH was a cold one.  We did at least bring  dry clothes so that we could shower and change before having to brave the cold.  I wrapped our hair up in a towel so that it didn't  freeze. LOL

After  that we went to Brian and Lori's to spend the evening and have supper.  Lori cooked chicken spaghetti and I must say it was wonderful
I have asked for her recipe it is definitely a keeper.
They are still getting moved into their new house.  It was our first time to get to see it.  I sure do like it and Lori has done a great job of decorating it.
Brian was doing what he does best.   Standing around and smiling. LOL
This is Chewie their newest family member.  As you can tell from Brian's t-shirt they are star wars fans and Chewie was named after Chewbacca.  I think that is how you spell  it.
Well Ashlynn has already fallen asleep and I guess I better hit the sack too.  That girl is wearing me out.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wind Wind and more Wind

Amarillo has to be the windiest city in the USA.  It is common to have 20-35 mph winds daily and days like today are just, well WINDY!  They were calling for gusts in the 40 mph range and they surely hit that.  Everything we tried to do outside was a complete wash out, or wind out. LOL Our poor motorhome has rock and rolled all day.  Tonight the gusts got so bad we finally brought the slide in.  I was worried that all that noise I kept hearing from the slide flapping in the breeze was it tearing and we just had that repaired.  It's a lot quieter now. Just a swaying motion.  Since the wind was so bad I didn't take any pictures today. sorry
Ashlynn made a list of things to do today.
1.  fish
2. put together her trampoline
3. swim
We went out to fish and the wind was so bad and the water so rough you couldn't tell if you had a nibble or not.  It was way too cold to be outside holding a fishing pole.  So that lasted about 10 min.  We came in and she said, lets do the next thing on my list.  At almost that very moment, Doug got a weather alert about the wind, and what did they say to watch out for.... blowing items like chairs, tables and trampolines! So we decided this wouldn't be a good day to put her trampoline together.  Next on her list was to swim.  I asked her dad to bring her swim suit to the RV park and by the time he did that it was time for supper.  I told her we would eat first and then swim.  By the time we got back to the RV it was so cold even she decided it would be better to wait till tomorrow.   Looks like we will start her list again tomorrow.  let's hope for a better (calmer) day.
We did eat at a great mexican restaurant tonight.  The Plaza.  Name sounds more like a hotel but the food was excellent.  Would give it a 10/10.  Service was excellent also.  If your in Amarillo you should give it a try.  Yesterday we had a great burger at Blue Sky.  It's just a burger joint but they have the best burgers and onion rings.  They also have fried pepper fries.  I cant remember the kind of pepper it was. They were green (but not bell) and cut in long strips, battered and fried.  It wasn't a hot pepper. Very good.
Will hopefully get some pics tomorrow. I think I will let the wind rock me to sleep. LOL

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playing fishing and just having fun!

I actually set an alarm this morning!  I wanted to make sure that I was up and ready in plenty of time to go see Ashlynn's music program.  It was so cute.  All the kids were dressed in cowboy hats, boots and western shirts.  They sang songs about Texas.  The kids did a great job and I am so glad that we were here to see it.
Lori checked Ashlynn out of school after the program and she came back to the RV park with us.  She wanted to go to the pond and fish.  Last year when we were here she caught a baby catfish and she wanted to catch some fish again.  This is a catch and release pond and the surprise this year was that they had put alot of goldfish and Koi in the pond.
It didn't take them long and they caught a fish.
A GOLDFISH!!!  Oh well it is a catch and release so I guess it doesn't matter what kind your catching. LOL
There were several ducks in the pond.  I thought they were trying to drown one of the ducks. Hmmm It was a female.  I didn't know.  It's not like I've seen mallard ducks procreate before.  I worried they were going to drown her.
Then she caught another fish!  We left the pond and went back to the MH.  By this time it was time to take Ashlynn home to do her homework and prepare for a spelling test tomorrow.  Lori had supper waiting on us.  I think I could get use to this.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We are in Amarillo!

Another long day.  We traveled 280 miles today.  We can't make a habit of this.  It was another windy day.  Doug said his arms were sore from fighting the wind all day.  We left the Grand Casino around noon.  We were in no rush to go through Oklahoma City.  That place has to have to worst roads in all of the U.S.  They have been working on alot of I-40 but the west side of Okla. City will beat you to death.
We didn't pull into Fort Amarillo RV Park til around 6 this evening.  There are still piles of snow from their blizzard last week.  After getting set up we went over to Brian and Lori's to see Ashlynn for alittle while.  It seems she has a Music program tomorrow at school.  I can't wait to see her perform!
Doug did figure the mileage when he filled up and was surprised with all the head wind we still got 11 mpg.  Diesel was $3.93.
Will get some pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stopped for the Night

We drove around 330 miles miles today. That's way over our usual day. Since we had such a short one yesterday, it caused a longer one today.  We are stopped at the Fire Lake Grand Casino Campground.  T'hey let you park free! They even have water and electricity.  I say that is a deal.  When I did a search for close campgrounds as soon as I saw free, I quit looking. LOL  You can stay up to 3 nights free, I will have to keep this place in mind.

There is a stairway down to a brick walkway that follows a stream  Its very nice.  I am standing on the walkway looking up at Doug.
This is the view of part of the walkway.  All this for free.  LOL

We are waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the casino so that we can register our site. Free pick up and delivery.  This just gets better and better.
When we first pulled in we thought the Matthews had beat us here!  It looks more like their bus from the side than the front.  But alas they are pouring a slab today.  Maybe next time.
Got to remember this place.  Free is always good.

Monday, March 4, 2013

First stop Russellville

We overslept this morning.  I can't imagine why.  We both were wound up last night and stayed up way to late.  I jumped up got ready and drove to the DMV to get the tags for Brian's truck.  It is the first of the month and the place was packed.  I talked to the assessor about our assessment because the truck wasn't showing to be assessed.  I knew that I had done all the assessing in January when I got the   tags for the HHR.  For some reason it wasn't showing that I had assessed at all.  It freaked the assessor out because now she has to worry if there is a glitch in the system somewhere.  I did accomplish something since I got that straightened out, but I didn't wait in the long line for the tags.  They aren't due till March 31st so I did it online.  I didn't want to waste that much time.  After leaving the DMV, I went to Pointers Automotive to pay the bill for our service on the motorhome.  Two Batteries, oil change, new fuel filters, dryer assembly, install in-line surge protector, two new belts and dash switch came to a total of $1042.00.  WOW glad this isn't stuff that has to be done every time you travel.

We arrived in Russellville around 3:00.  We are camped at Ivy's Cove RV Campground.  Rates are $30-35 a night.  They do give a Good Sam 10% discount.  They have wifi, cable, laundry and showers.  There is a nice playground for kids.  Each site has a picnic table and they sites are pull-throughs.

We gave his brother and a call and had a great visit with him, his wife and son.  We all went to eat at CJ's Butcher Burger.  they were great hand made burgers made with fresh ground meat they grind themselves, hand cut fries and delicious malts.  The burgers were great I would definitely go back.  Cost for a combo (burger, fries and drink) for $8.50 each.  I didn't take the camera so no pics.

We are back at the motorhome resting up for tomorrow.
Our neighbors and their cockers.  I have never seen one colored like the one on the left.  I guess its a parti color ??? It was sure hard to get a pic of him.  He wouldn't be still.  LOL

another of him  These pictures do not do him justice!

Miles traveled today-120

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ready set go!

Ok, I have loaded the motorhome with food, drink, clothes and of course shoes!  We only have to hook up the car and we are ready to roll.  The car is loaded with some things we are taking to the boys and Ashlynn. I hope there is room for us if we need the car while on the road. LOL  My sister came by today and brought us some of her home made brownies.  She makes the BEST!  These are our "traveling brownies".  She has brought these before when we were traveling.  I think this is a very nice trend that I hope continues.  Doug said that we needed to make sure that we call her when we were heading home so that she could makes us some "coming home" brownies.
Our plan is to just go to Russellville tomorrow so that we can see Doug's brother. Don't know how long we will stay, Doug keeps reminding me that we aren't on a schedule anymore.
Sorry I didn't take any pictures today.  Just too busy loading.  I will try to add some tomorrow.
I am so excited!  It's great to be "on the road again!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day one of retirement... this could be nice!

I slept in this morning and didn't get up till 9:00! It felt so good not to have to jump up and get ready for work.  I did a little house cleaning and then we checked on the motorhome.  Everything was finished but our battery it seems was bad.  Doug had to jump it started when he took it into the shop.  We had hoped that somehow something didn't get turned off and it ran the battery down.  No such luck.  Both batteries were bad.  We had them change out to new ones and picked up the MH around 4:30.  It was too late to even start loading it so we will start in the morning.  We are not in any hurry, I think we will leave Monday morning.  We plan on stopping in Russellville for a couple of nights to see Doug's brother and then head on.
Back to cleaning the house and getting everything ready to load in the MH.  I am a happy woman!