Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paws and Pantry!

Been a busy weekend.  We finally got time to finish the pantry.  Well it's not finished but the shelves are up and full.   We still have to put the door on it and put down about 6 ceramic tiles to be completely through.
Here is the almost finished product
We will probably finish the linen closet in the bathroom and then put the doors on both at the same time.
After finishing (almost) this project we cleaned up and went to see the puppies.  It's been two weeks since they came and got them.  I sure have missed the little toots.  They have really grown.
This is the runt, Millie.  She has grown but is still nowhere near as big as the others.
 Maddie taking a nap.
Mack still has the most beautiful blue eyes.  He is the gentle giant.  He loves to give kisses.
This is Max, the largest pup and Millie.  You can see how much smaller she is.
Momma Maggie.  She was glad to see us.  She is such a sweet dog.  I hope she finds a loving home.
After spending a couple of hours playing with them and getting some puppy kisses, I felt alot better about them.  They all seemed to be very happy and well adjusted.  I don't know where Maggie came from but I am glad she found us when she needed help.  Beautiful Christmas puppies Maggie.  Your a great mom.
Time to rest.
Come back and see us!