Friday, February 1, 2013

It's official! Doug is retired!

Doug went to the office today for the first time in two months so that he could sign his retirement papers.
First he checked his email.  Then he sent a few to those that weren't going to be in the office today.

He got to see some of his co-workers before he left.
Doug's "other woman".

They surprised him with a cake!

And a card.

Also a note from one of his oldest friends and co-worker.

Several of us went to Chili's for lunch.
They read him the riot act.  LOL
Doug signed on the dotted line and then Donna witnessed it.
Then there is the handshake!

And now it official.  He is retired!  I have 18 more working days to work.  Then our new adventure begins.  I can't wait!