Wednesday, February 13, 2013

counting the days...

I am starting to get excited and I am counting the days.  I have 10 more working days until I retire!  We are starting to get ready to leave now.  We had the car serviced, the tires rotated and the belts all checked so the car is ready to roll.  Doug is taking the motorhome next week to get it serviced and all the belts changed.  We are planning on leaving home friday, March 1st.  We haven't made up our mind yet where we are going but we are going.  I think we should just pick a direction and see where it takes us.  A "We will get there when we get there," kind of thing.  I was readying some of the blogs I follow and enjoying the pics with all the warmer weather that  RV a go-go is enjoying in California, and the beaches and white sand that Karen and Al are enjoying in Florida.  Both of these places would be nice right now.  I have always loved Florida and California would be a nice place to visit.  I have only been to Sacramento and San Francisco.  So there is a lot for us to see and do there.  Or we could head down to Galveston and then tour Texas for awhile.  I think I may put some places in a hat and draw a winner.  Hmmmm
To where should our first "retired" trip be?  No time frame, take as long as we want to get there and come back when we are ready. Any suggestions?