Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Retirement party for ME!!!

Friday they had a potluck/surprise retirement party for me at work.  I knew about the potluck but was totally surprised with some wonderful and very useful gifts for my retirement.    I work with some of the best people you could ever ask for.

 It will be very hard to leave them.  We truly are a "family".  I love everyone of them.

   They prepared some delicious food.  We had homemade chicken salad, tortilla rollups, spinach and artichoke dip, cucumber dip, chicken wings, BBQ meatballs, cocktail wienies, a vegetable tray, butterfinger cake, angel food cake, brownies and a cinnamon roll cake.  It was all fantastic!

I sat at the head of the table like I was a real somebody!  They then gave me a bag of goodies.  Things that I am sure that we will need on our travels.  Adult diapers for me and a urinal for Doug so that we can keep on  trucking with fewer pit stops.  A string of paper clips to " keep myself together".  Balloons for all my "hot air".  Books (romance of course), puzzles, crosswords and suduko to stay busy.

My very on special beach attire.  Hand made visor with "Queen Harriet", t-shirt  (Doug said I looked like that when he married me), orange flip flops with matching fly swatter, and sun glasses.

I also received a handmade dish towel, a coffee cup and a Walmart gift card with a note that said, " for when you get bored, you can go to Walmart and sit on the bench and watch all the young people with their wild hair and funny clothes."

I really will miss seeing this bunch everyday.  I love them all!